31. december 2006

Začenja se leto prašiča! / The year of the boar has arrived!




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ambala pravi ...

Kakšne pa so značilnosti leta prašiča?

ka-ma pravi ...

No, tole sem nasla o letu prasica:

The year of the Boar: is one of benevolence, one with a lot of 'feel good factor', one of "abundance" and a good year for business. Life in this year will be lived to the full and although there will be uncertainty it will be minimal. It is a rich year with impetuous acts, but care is recommended with any matters concerning money. The Boar is the symbol for great courage and integrity.
The fortunate Boar carries with him contentment and security. This is one year in which you could be happy without having or needing a lot of success or money to make it so. There will not seem to be many hurdles to overcome and the placid Boar radiates a sense of well-being. Still, a great deal of prudence is recommended in money matters, as the Boar is always susceptible to swindlers.
Watch out for excesses, though, as the Boar tends to overindulge himself in anything when given the opportunity. Weight watchers will have a tough time and may face losing (or rather, gaining) battles.